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Measles vaccination

Sep 23 2019

The advice from the Immunisation Advisory Centre regarding MMR vaccination is: 

Vaccination priority groups

In view of significant limitations in MMR supply, general practices and PHOs are asked to reserve vaccine for the priority groups described below.


All of New Zealand

  • Ensure all children receive their Schedule vaccines on time at 15 months and 4 years.
  • Actively recall children aged under 5 years who need catch-up vaccination.
  • Vaccinate susceptible close contacts of a confirmed case within 72 hours of first exposure to measles when possible.


We have sufficient supply for our 15 month and 4 year old patients, and are keeping a list of patients (born after 1969) who would like to be contacted for vaccination once stock levels have been replenished.

For more information see https://www.immune.org.nz/


Same Day Appointment Requests

Sep 23 2019

In order to provide the best outcome for our patients we are making some improvements to the way we manage requests for urgent or same day appointments.  This will ensure that those who are unwell are seen quickly, while those who do not need to come in have their problems sorted efficiently without the time and expense of attending in person.

When you call wanting to see a doctor on the day your details  will be taken and you will receive a call back from your doctor or the practice nurse at a specified time.  If needed, a same day appointment will be booked for you; the usual GP consultation fee will apply for the face-to-face consultation.
Where appropriate patients who are able to have their concerns managed over the phone by their GP, and therefore avoiding the need to come in for a consultation, will be charged $20.

Why are we doing this?

We are able to identify why a patient wants to be seen, and then decide the most appropriate outcome for the patient.  It ensures same-day appointment slots are reserved for those with a true same-day need.

Experience from practices undertaking GP triage suggests that approximately 50-60% of patients requesting same-day appointments can be managed without needing to come into the practice.

Measles Outbreak in Christchurch

Mar 20 2019

Regional Public Health advise that there are currently no measles cases in the greater Wellington region as at 19 March 2019.

When are you considered protected from measles?

  • 95% of people will be protected from measles after one dose of measles vaccine *
  • 99% of people will be protected from measles after two doses of measles vaccine *
  • if you were born before 1 January 1969 you are considered immune, as measles was circulating in New Zealand before this time
  • if you have had immune status checked by the laboratory

* Currently in New Zealand the first dose of measles vaccine is given at 15 months of age, and the second dose at 4  years of age.  

Due to high demand on vaccine supplies priority is being given to maintaining the 15 month and four year immunisations.  Patients under 50 years who have not received any previous measles containing vaccine and have not had measles will be vaccinated as supplies are available.  Patients who have already had one dose of MMR vaccine and would like a second dose are being asked to wait a couple of weeks before arranging second vaccination so we can focus on those patients who need it most.

For more information:

 Regional Public Health (www.rph.org.nz

 Ministry of Health (www.health.govt.nz/measles)  

 Immunisation Advisory Centre  (www.immune.org.nz) 0800 IMMUNE 


Internal renovation

Oct 08 2018

If you visit the practice over the next few weeks you will notice we have builders on site.  We are making some changes to the interior of the medical centre, and while we will do our best to keep the construction disturbance to a minimum we would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.

It will be “business as usual” for us, but we will not have capacity to see casual patients during this period.   

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dr Paul Kelly

Sep 04 2017

We are advising all patients that Dr Paul Kelly has accepted a position with a practice which will be closer to his new home.  He will no longer be practising at Miramar Medical Centre; his last day will be Friday 20 October.

All his patients will remain enrolled with Miramar Medical Centre, unless they wish to change (we can provide information on this process).  Our doctors: Ciandra Keenan, Diana Siklosi, Karen Mason, Thilo Marquardt and Luke Wilson will continue to provide the same quality healthcare received from Dr Kelly.

We would be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

 We are sure you will join us in wishing Paul the very best in his new venture.  We will all miss him.

Dr Lorna Macann is retiring

May 13 2016
We are sad to say goodbye to Dr Lorna Macann who has been a valued member of our practice team since April 2015.  Lorna has worked as a GP for 42 years, both in the UK and in New Zealand; for the last 16 years she has been in the Eastern suburbs.  Drs Ciandra Keenan, Diana Siklosi, Karen Mason, Paul Kelly and Thilo Marquardt look forward to meeting her patients and continuing their care.  We all wish Lorna a happy and well deserved retirement.

The 2016 influenza vaccine has arrived!

Mar 29 2016

The cost of the vaccine is $28.00, unless you are eligible to receive this for free – criteria below:

·         pregnant women (any trimester)

·         people with an ongoing medical condition like asthma, diabetes, or a heart or lung condition

·         people aged 65 years or over

Please contact the practice and make an appointment with one of our nurses to have yours!


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